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Empresa: Preferred Compliance Solutions
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Ubicación: Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
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Our company has approved recruiting for training and development of strong candidates in Puerto Rico to become Low- Income
Housing Tax Credit(LIHTC) and other affordable housing compliance professionals. These are strictly and fully telecommuting
Opportunities from Puerto Rico with flex schedule and other company benefits. These are all entry level, no experience required type
Positions in our organization requiring a large amountof time and financial investment from the origination. Trainees will join our
Team as Compliance Associates and be paid a base salary with increased earning potential and benefits. High English proficiency is
Required for this position
1. Candidates must take and pass our pre- Employment assessment. We measure cognitive abilities, personality, and
Motivation as it relates to been able to grow within the organization.
2. Candidates must pass digital and computer literacy skills assessment.
3. Candidates with English as a second language, must pass an English proficiency assessment. High English proficiency is
Required for this position.
4. Candidate must be eligible to fully telecommute during regular business hours. Requirements for telecommuting include:
A. High speed internet at their telecommuting station,
B. An office in a quiet area free from distractions, and
C. A suitable desk and chair. Such that it will provide comfortable space to work with a computer and two large
5. Candidates must be able and willing to travel overnight for training and other company meetings.
6. Extensive experience in working with Microsoft Office and other commonly known virtual applications is required for this
Actividades a realizar:
- Assist applicants fully complete Household Certification and eligibility to reside in affordable housing.
- Review files, complete reports, and perform other tasks related to and in preparation for audits.
- Review files, complete reports, and perform other tasks related to ensuring our partners satisfaction.
- Ensure compliance with applicable affordable housing programs.
- Must keep current with all changes to affordable housing regulations.
- Distribute information and results to property operation staff.
- Promote company growth, client retention, company culture, purpose, and vision.
- Others as assigned by immediate supervisor
- Fully telecommuting from home or other approved location
- Flex schedule eligible
- 40 paid hours Sick Time
- 80 paid hours Personal Time Off
- Company approved holidays.
- Company sponsors all approved required education, training, and related travel.
- Company provides all applicable equipment and software.

Jornada laboral: Tiempo Completo
Tipo de empleo: Trabajo Fijo
Salario: USD 20,000.00 - 20,800.00 Mensual
Cantidad de vacantes: 5

Experiencia Mínima: No especificado
Sexo: Indistinto

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